Buying pots, continued

We fell out of the gallery Toko with our purchases, like drunkards looking for the another bar, which happened to be on the other side of the road in the form of Moegi, another gallery. A modern building on three floors with a central atrium surrounding a maple tree, just beginning to turn in colour.

Porcelain dish, by Misa, w 11cm

Two small pieces came home with me from here. The first, a porcelain dish from a group of 4 in pastel colours, not my usual taste but I like the rim and its contrast with the fine drawn design. And after so many craggy pots, I suppose it was a rest for the senses.

Potter unknown 13 x 9 cm

The second piece is the oribe colour I was looking for, a more translucent yellow green than usual with no chun effect. I love the use of this glaze over rough grogged clay. It pools in the textures giving a glassy depth like water.

And that was more than enough for one day. We took a taxi back to the hotel in time for half an hour in the hot baths to sooth weary legs before another marathon ahead of us – dinner


In my defense of this apparent gluttony, this was over the course of two evenings, all inclusive, the portions were small and we never saw the same pot twice. And it was all delicious, even if we didn’t know what it was, or how to eat it, no wonder they put us in our own little dining room.