Shiny new kiln

18 years ago I returned to potting, and myself and my non-potting partner built a raku kiln from an old oil drum. I thought it would do whilst I worked out what I wanted to make and how I wanted to fire.

Castro kiln has finally been retired and put out to graze, there he is, out in the sunshine.

And here is shiny new raku kiln. Fired today for the first time. It’s built with high-temperature insulation brick (rather than ceramic fibre) so it uses more gas but holds temperature better. It’s bigger so I’m hoping fire bigger pots too. The top comes off the base like a top hat or I can just take the lid off. And it’s all done with an electric hoist (thank you NPP, happy anniversary darling).

Built by Northern Kilns, with a lot of interference from me, thank you, Adrian, Sarah, Dylan and all the kiln midwives you are stars.

Its very shiny