Hagi yaki bowl

The box

This was the last pot to be unwrapped when I got home. I think I was scared I’d made a poor choice and wouldn’t like it enough to justify the expense. (No, I’m not telling, NPP doesn’t know either).

The next 5 photos are the bowl before use, fairly good representation of the colour.

Hagi yaki bowl
Side view
Close up showing maker’s stamp

The next 4 are after use so you can see how the colour changes. I don’t have matcha tea just some salty shiso (perilla) drink, so the green is not as vibrant as it might be, but you get the idea.

In use
After use
After use

It’s almost like a living thing, watching it change with use. I’m enjoying the subtleties of the glaze and it’s modesty. I love the way glaze pulls away from the texture of the clay around the foot, like little fissures, and the darkness of the clay which is revealed. There are slight lilac blushes in the glaze dribbles

I think I’m imbuing it with value the more I use and study it.