The monumental forces of nature which form and shape our landscape can be clearly seen and felt throughout the Isle of Skye. The origins of the material I use lie in the enduring rock beneath my feet and the processes of firing that a potter uses replicate some of the forces which create the original rocks. I am trying in my work to reflect a sense of the formation and erosion in the geology of the land. But also of the human beings who live on this land, scratching it’s surface. There is a conflict between our need for the land and all it gives us and the ever present. The chaotic texture of the exterior and the expected functionality of the inside, held in balance by the outline of the rim that joins the two.

The nature of clay will speak of the continual erosion and weathering of the land we live on, of the traces made by the passage of humans across the surface of our planet and of the tension between a container and its contents.

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