Raku is a low temperature earthenware technique involving a very rapid glaze firing cycle. The pre-fired pots are placed into a hot kiln, heated up to about 1000°C and removed using long tongs.
After removal from the kiln they are immediately immersed in combustibles, sawdust, peat, leaves, the local newspaper, within an enclosed chamber. This leads to an incomplete combustion known as reduction, which draws chemically combined oxygen from the surface of the pots and gives them their unique range of colouring.
It was traditionally used in Japan to produce bowls for the tea ceremony but the pots were left to cool without the post firing reduction, this being a development by potters in America.
This type of low fired raku ware is porous and should not be used for liquids or food.
The pots can be washed in warm water with a little soap or scrubbed gently with a soft nail brush to remove dust. They should be dried thoroughly before coming into contact with wooden or delicate surfaces.

For further care advice please contact me.

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